Terms of subscription and provision of «Tcell Music» service
  1. 1. Description of the «Tcell Music» Service
    The «Tcell Music» service provides Tcell Subscribers with real-time access to music content and provides the following functions for the Subscriber:
    • One-time, one-time period for 3 calendar days of access to the «Tcell Music» Service without a monthly fee for all new Users;
    • Listening to music tracks and albums of foreign and Tajik performers within the Service;
    • Ability to listen to downloaded cached Music content offline (including in the absence of access to the Internet);
    • Recommendations of musical compositions for new products, albums and playlists, genres;
    • The ability to create your own playlist;
    • Opportunities: pause, rewind, switch to the next song, loop listening;
    • Access to the names of the proposed and available songs (song name, artist, album cover)
  2. Connecting and disconnecting the «Tcell Music» Service
    1. To install the «Tcell Music» Service, the Subscriber must have:
      1. Subscriber device;
      2. An active connection to the Internet with a guaranteed speed of at least 128 kb/s for listening to music content;
    2. To connect to the Service, the Subscriber needs to register in the Service by entering the Login - subscriber number, in one of the following ways:

      - On the web portal https://music.tcell.tj/

      - In the mobile application App Store or Google Play

      - By USSD - by sending a free USSD command * 1525 # to connect a daily subscription. (the team will agree)

    3. The service is provided in the network of the mobile operator CJSC "Indigo Tajikistan" with the Tcell brand.
    4. Disconnection from the Service can be done in one of the following ways:
      • By USSD - by sending a free USSD command * 1525 * 2 # to disconnect
  3. When using the service Internet traffic is not charged
  4. If you have any questions about the «Tcell Music» Service, the Subscriber can apply for advice by writing to the technical support e-mail tcellmusic@tcell.tj , or during working hours contact the office at 34, Rudaki Ave, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  5. Supported devices:

    The service can be installed on the following supported devices:

    - Android smartphones and tablets (version 6+) by installing the Mobile application

    - iOS smartphones and tablets (version 11+) by installing the Mobile application

    - WEB supports any version of operating systems installed on personal computers (Windows, Mac OS, UNIX) and Internet browsers: Chrome 61 and higher, Firefox 52 and higher, Opera 39 and higher, Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Edge 12 and higher, Safari 9 and higher

  6. The service is not available for subscribers with a paid tariff Unlimited 4G Internet, as well as those who have an active internet option Night Unlimited